2024 Peachtree Creek Greenway, Inc. Candidate Questionnaire

Link to Questionnaire : 2024 Candidate Survey

The Peachtree Creek Greenway (PCG) is a multimodal trail that, when completed, will connect to the Atlanta Beltline  and travel through Brookhaven, Chamblee, Doraville, and Unincorporated DeKalb County along the banks of the North Fork Peachtree Creek.  The 12 plus mile Greenway, named a Trail of Regional Significance by the Atlanta Regional Commission, will serve as the backbone of the trail systems in northern DeKalb as it follows the Creek through the I-85 and Buford Highway Corridors connecting schools, MARTA stations, hospitals, business and retail hubs, apartment communities, and neighborhoods.

The idea for a trail along the Peachtree Creek was first formed as part of the DeKalb Greenway Trails Master Plan in 1999.  Little progress was made, but in 2013 the idea was resurrected by some Brookhaven residents who felt passionately about creating a multi-use green space in their community.  They partnered with Brookhaven officials, and in 2018 broke ground on a model mile in Brookhaven.  Both Brookhaven and the City of Atlanta have secured funding for and are in the planning stages of building three more mile-long sections of the Greenway that will connect to the Atlanta Beltline.

The Greenway’s location in a floodplain makes it an ideal linear park. Land that would otherwise be unusable for commercial purposes can instead be used for  a community benefit. Among the benefits include:

Recreational Space

The PCG offers  a wide array of recreational opportunities within a busy urban setting. Its 14-foot wide pathways are designed for inclusivity, accommodating individuals of all abilities with gentle slopes and accessible ramps. This ensures that the Greenway is a space where the community can walk, jog, run, and engage in leisure, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Beyond facilitating physical activities, the Greenway serves as a vital greenspace that enhances social connectivity and offers a peaceful retreat from urban life. It’s a place for people to enjoy the outdoors, whether actively on the pathways or playgrounds or passively seated on a park bench or swinging in a hammock. The PCG demonstrates how greenways can significantly improve urban environments, promoting both physical and mental well-being and a strong sense of community.


From a transportation perspective, the PCG is a game-changer. It provides last-mile connectivity to the Buford Highway bus route, the most utilized in the MARTA system, and facilitates short trip connections to densely populated areas, retail hubs, workplaces, recreation spots, and healthcare centers. With a planned 12+ miles of trail along the I-85 corridor, there is plenty of space for people to safely commute on foot or bicycle.


The PCG also serves as a vigilant eye on the environment. Creation of the trail provides an opportunity to remove invasive overgrowth and plant native trees and plants that support a healthy creek ecosystem. This provides a home for local wildlife as well as creating a natural oasis for users in an urban area. Careful design and planning also allow for better stormwater management and the mitigation of trash and refuse washed downstream. Healthy ecosystems offer opportunities for people to connect with nature that are otherwise difficult to find in urban environments.

Public Safety & Accessibility

The PCG design standards adopted by Brookhaven and Chamblee focus on accessibility and safety. Its 14-foot wide concrete path ensures ADA compliance and easy access for people with mobility challenges,and  also accommodates emergency vehicles like ambulances. Features for public safety include lighting from 6 am to 11 pm and security cameras. Additionally, benches, picnic tables, trash and recycle bins, and pet waste stations enhance comfort and accessibility. These measures create a safe, inclusive outdoor area that promotes an active lifestyle for the community.


Economically, trails like the PCG have proven to be catalysts for growth. Research indicates substantial returns on investment for such projects, and the PCG is no exception. Its proximity to employment centers is spurring the redevelopment of underperforming real estate assets and paving the way for new housing.

A Trail for Everyone

The PCG is more than just a trail; it is a vital connection for diverse communities, extending its reach to areas where it’s needed most. Demographically, along the PCG corridor, 50% of the population within a 1-mile buffer reported speaking a primary language other than English at home. The median household income surrounding the PCG is approximately $10,000 less than that of Dekalb County as a whole. Along the PCG corridor, homeownership rates of families and households range from 40%, within the 1-mile buffer, to only 17% within the ¼ mile buffer. Adding to the socioeconomic landscape, the Greenway intersects with eight poverty census tracts along its planned route.

Survey due no later than April 12, 2024.